Ride portions of the GFNY Jerusalem course

The Jerusalem First Station is a great meeting point for before & after your ride. A bike trail approx. 6.7km long will lead you out of the city center and towards the Jerusalem hills where you can ride parts of the actual GFNY race route.

Location: 4 David Remez St Jerusalem.

Visit Jerusalem's Old City 

Walk Jerusalem narrow alleyways and markets and visit the 3,000 years old ancient city that was home to the two Jewish Temples, Jesus and his disciples’ meeting places, and Mohammed’s ascension to heaven.

Explore world famous museums

With 60+ museums such as the world-famous museums; The Israel Museum, Holocaust Museums, Museum of Islam, Bible Lands, and more where you will get a glimpse into history, folklore and the rich cultures of Judaism, Egyptian, Muslim, Christian, Middle East and more.

Experience Israel’s most vibrant market

Mahane Yehuda market is one where Israelis flak for incredible culinary experiences, an unforgettable Thursday nightlife scene, concerts and, of course, shopping.

Float in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth

Take a great opportunity to indulge yourself in the curing waters of the Dead Sea, visit Masada fortress to learn about its inspiring history, and hike Ein Gedi Oasis.

Don’t miss the Tower of David Night Spectacular

Enjoy this mesmerizing show of lights upon the Old City walls which will make you understand the importance of Jerusalem as an historical world landmark.

Must visit places in Israel

Israel is a small country but yet very diverse. Camel ride surrounded by breathtaking landscapes at the Negev desert.  Enjoy Tel Aviv’s cosmopolitan nightlife scene, and visit Haifa’s jaw dropping Bahai Gardens.