Credit; Noam Chen, Itamar Grinberg and Israel Tourism Ministry 

What's included

  • GFNY Jerusalem 2021 race ticket 
  • Day- 1  A beautiful climb to Gilboa Mountains, and a ride of the scenic mountain ridge 61Km
  • Day- 2  Scenic ride along the coastline of the Dead Sea 77km
  • Round trip bus transportation from Jerusalem to the start and finish of each of the routes above. 
  • Indulge yourself in the nourishing waters of the Dead Sea 
  • Day - 3  Pre-race warm up ride from Jerusalem city center to the Jerusalem hills and back 28Km
  • 3hrs Walking tour of Jerusalem’s Old City highlights 
  • Escort vehicle and mechanic on all rides
  • Water and snacks on all rides
  • Front start corral at GFNY Jerusalem
  • Pasta & Wine dinner at GFNY’s Expo

GFNY Jerusalem starts at an altitude of 650m and offers 2 challenging climbs during the 123km course. The camp is a great way to get mentally prepared for racing in a new destination, and see some of Israel’s and Jerusalem's most iconic sites. 

Start your morning cycling while surrounded by amazing landscapes. Continue on sightseeing the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea, and walk the ancient streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Make the most out of your cycling trip to Israel as you will be escorted by an escort vehicle, a  private cycling coach, and a team of elite cyclists and a mechanic throughout all rides. The camp is a great opportunity for cycling groups to ride in a new destination and is set for all levels of expertise from the amateurs to experienced cyclists.

Travel Plan

We recommend that you arrive in Israel on Monday April 5th. We will meet you at the host hotel (TBA) at 19:00 to meet all participants and staff. You can stay at any hotel you wish in Jerusalem. Temperatures during April are between 15-20C on average. Nevertheless, we depart early for the rides in order to initiate cycling up north at 8am, and to avoid traffic within Jerusalem as we exit the city towards the Dead Sea. 

The support vehicle will be behind the last rider at all times. The mechanic will be in that vehicle with basic spare parts so make sure to bring your own inner tubes and tire fix tools. We are going to make 1-2 stops on each ride for water, snacks and to gather the group. There are going to be up to 3 pelotons depending on the cycling speed. Each peloton will be led by an elite cyclist. The staff speaks only English.


Mon April 5 Arrival to Jerusalem, Israel

         19:00     Welcome brief (At host hotel TBA)


Tue, April 6 - Gilboa Mountains

         05:30    Departure by bus from Jerusalem, 2hrs drive

         08:00    Start ride

         11:00    Approx. ride finish time

         11:30    Travel by bus to Haifa

         12:30    Lunch in Haifa

         14:00    Visit the awe inspiring Bahai Gardens 

         16:00    Travel back to Jerusalem 2hrs drive

         18:15    Arrival to Jerusalem


Wed, April 7 - The Dead Sea

         06:00    Departure cycling from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea.

         10:00    Arrival at the Ein Gedi beach at the Dead Sea

                        Leisure time and lunch at the beach

         13:00    Travel from Ein Gedi back to Jerusalem

         14:30    Approx. arrival to Jerusalem

         19:00    Tower of David Night Spectacular (optional, $15.00 at your own expense)


Thu , April 8 - GFNY Jerusalem Course 

         07:15   Meeting time at the Jerusalem First Station

         07:30   Departure on a pre-race 28Km warm up ride

         10:00   Arrival back to the start at Jerusalem First Station

         14:00   Meet at Jaffa Gate for a guided tour of Jerusalem’s Old City.

                      Discover the highlights of the Old City; Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Via Dolorosa,

                      The Western Wall, and the Jewish quarter. The tour is conducted by an english speaking      licensed tour guide. 

         17:30   Visit GFNY Cycling Expo


   Fri, April 9 - RACE DAY

What to bring

  • Bring your essential tire fix kit and tools
  • Long jersey, vest or arms warmers for the the early morning
  • Sun protection lotion

On days 1 & 2 bring a handbag with a towel, bathing suit, hat, cash or credit card for additional purchases, paying for lunch / dinner (lunch is included only at the Dead Sea beach).

Present a proof of your valid personal general liability insurance coverage for this trip.

There is a dress code to enter the Bahai Hanging Gardens in Haifa, and holy places within Jerusalem’s Old City. Therefore, dress with long pants or shorts that cover your knees, and shirts that cover the shoulders.

Cycling Routes

Day-1   The Gilboa Mountains 61Km



Day-2  Jerusalem to the Dead Sea 77Km



Day-3  Jerusalem pre-race warm-up 28Km

Join the GFNY Jerusalem Camp

Is this camp for me? 

GFNY Israel camp is for cyclists at all levels of experience, just like the race. The rides are led and guided by the GFNY Jerusalem team only.  Enjoy this great opportunity whether you are an individual rider joining the group, or you are a member of a cycling group looking to ride amazing routes free of worry about your whereabouts in Israel as you and your team members are guided by local pro-cyclists. 

If you have any questions or additional info please contact

More information

Cancellations of your camp registration are valid until March 10th, 2021. In case we are forced to cancel or postpone GFNY Jerusalem and the camp due to pandemic we will refund you the entire cost of the camp -5%. 

Only GFNY Jerusalem participants that have registered are eligible to participate at the camp.

Please note that the suggested itinerary is subject to the weather conditions and might alter in case needed. We reserve the right to exclude any participants that put themselves or others at any risk. Riders who fall back behind the last peloton will be asked to hop on the escort vehicle for several minutes and will be encouraged to join the group as the ride continues.

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What is not included

Your accommodation is not included. We encourage you to check our recommended hotels to get the best value for your stay in Jerusalem.